Historic Preservation

While most cities in the American west are relatively new compared to older cities in the east and elsewhere, Boulder City, Nevada is significantly historic with regard to its creation and relationship to the Hoover Dam.

Federal Jurisdiction

The city was created by the federal government in the early 1930's to house the management and construction workers who built and later operated the dam, and the city remained under federal jurisdiction until 1959. Much information about the dam's creation and the city's history can be obtained through various media sources such as books, the internet and documentaries on cable television, as well as at the dam itself and the local Boulder City-Hoover Dam Museum.

National Register Nomination

In 1983, the Boulder City Historic District, consisting of several hundred homes and buildings, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A copy of the nomination to the National Register can be found on our Preservation Documents page.

Historic Resources

The city's municipal code presently has a zoning ordinance chapter titled "Historic Resources" in Title 11, Chapter 27 that details the activities of the city's Historic Preservation Committee. In addition to working on the creation of exterior design guidelines for various historic buildings in the city, the committee is active with regard to promoting and educating the community with regard to the city's historic resources.

Community Binder

The committee also keeps a binder of information in the Community Development Department that contains product information that local citizens can use when remodeling their historic homes. This binder is meant to be added to by the community, so when you find a good source for reproduction materials, please add the information to the binder or email us with the information.