Welcome to the official home page and guide for election information in Boulder City!

Community Foundation

I hope each Boulder City resident exercises his / her right to vote and to participate in the democratic process. Our community's foundation is based on citizen input, and voter participation is a reflection of the pride we all share in participating in our community's future.

I welcome any comments you may have regarding this site or any questions you may have regarding the election process. You may contact me by phone at 702-293-9208 or you can send me an email.

Lorene Krumm, City Clerk
  1. 2017 Election

    Locate filing information for the various candidates for the current election year.

  2. Campaign Reports

    View and print campaign reports from the Secretary of State's website.

  3. Current Ballot Questions

    View the questions on the current election ballot.

  4. Important Dates

    See a timeline of important election dates.

  5. Political Signs

    Noncommercial messages, such as political signs, are not subject to permit requirements per our current sign ordinance.

  6. Vote Centers

    Registered Boulder City voters may cast a ballot at either vote center location, regardless of the precinct.

  7. Previous Election Results

    View election results from previous years dating back to 2005.

  8. Voter Information

    Learn about the various elected offices for the City of Boulder City and other pertinent voter information.