Residential Workshop Central

The City will be holding a workshop to solicit input from the community on what land(s) the City should be considering for the next residential growth area.  The workshop will be held on January 25, 2017 at 6:00pm at the Smith Building (700 Wyoming).

Information related to the Residential Lands Workshop(s) will be related on this page.  Shortly after the January 25, 2017 meeting at the Smith Building (700 Wyoming Street - NW corner of Wyoming at Utah), the various materials and information presented at that meeting will be made available on this page.  You will also be able to submit comments regarding the items discussed via this page as well.


 The meeting was incredibly well attended.  Kudos to our community for participating in this information gathering event.  Roughly 228 residents attended to provide their input on what priority each proposed parcel should be ranked, as well as their general opinion on what the City should be considering for future densities.