Services & Programs

The Boulder City Fire Department prides itself on delivering a high level of fire / rescue and emergency medical services for the citizens and visitors of Boulder City.

Core Values
This level of service is obtained through the establishment of basic core values that instill integrity, professionalism, fiscal responsibility, and a caring attitude while maintaining a high level of accessibility and responsiveness to our customers.
Boulder City Fire Rescue Home of Hoover Dam ISP Class 2

Coverage Area

Operating out of 1 station, the department covers a service area of approximately 265 square miles that includes several recreation areas such as:
  • Bootleg Canyon
  • Dry Lake Bed
  • Lake Mead Recreation Area
The department also provides Mutual Aid Support at the Hoover Dam and hotel / casino facilities located near our service area.

Certifications & Ratings

Additionally, the department currently holds a Class 4 Protection Rating through the Insurance Services Offices (ISO) and provides local code enforcement of the 2012 Edition of the International Fire Code and the Southern Nevada Amendments to the 2012 International Fire Code.

Public Education & Fire Prevention

The department also provides several Public Education and Fire Prevention programs for the community; these programs include:
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Fire safety home inspections
  • Smoke detector and battery replacement programs