Municipal Court

The Boulder City Municipal Court processes civil infractions and misdemeanor criminal cases originating within the City of Boulder City, including DUI, Domestic Battery and animal cases. If you have received a civil infraction, you must contact the court within 90 calendar days of the issue date. All court appearance dates for misdemeanor cases are pre-scheduled on your citation or will be indicated on your release paperwork if you were arrested.

The Boulder City Municipal Court is presided over by Judge Victor L. Miller. Learn more about Judge Miller and how to contact him here. However, if you have an open case, the Judge can only speak with you if both parties are present. He cannot have ex parte communication.

Municipal Court Objectives

  • Adjudicate misdemeanor offenses in an ethical, fair, and impartial manner
  • Maintain a safe environment for both employees and the public
  • Preserve the integrity of the judiciary
  • Provide efficient, prompt, and courteous service

Prior to visiting the Boulder City Municipal Court, watch the video "What to Know About Your Court Appearance."