Electric Division Integrated Resource Plan

Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) is a planning process for new energy resources that evaluates the full range of alternatives, including new generating capacity, power purchases, energy conservation and efficiency, and renewable energy resources, to provide reliable service to electric consumers.

Energy Planning & Management Program Compliance

As a recipient of federal hydro power, the City of Boulder City must comply with the requirements of the Energy Planning and Management Program (10 CFR Part 905), including preparation of an IRP document, public participation in the IRP process, and submittal of IRP document and annual updates to the Western Area Power Administration.

Draft IRP

The draft IRP was presented at the regular meeting of the Boulder City Council on July 26, 2018. Public comments and utility staff responses made at meeting will be added to the final IRP document and posted to this page. The public is invited to email Electric Utility Administrator, Rory Dwyer with questions and comments on the plan.

The City Council will consider adoption of the plan at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at City Hall, 401 California Avenue, Boulder City, Nevada.

Link to 2018 IRP

Link to 2013 IRP