Message About Utility Billing Issues

A Message to Our Customers About Utility Billing Issues

November 3, 2015

As you probably know, we are experiencing operational issues implementing our new customer billing system.  We sincerely apologize to you and to our customers who have been directly affected by these issues.

We have more to do to fix these issues.  In the meantime, we are committed to keeping you better informed about the issues and what we are doing to fix them.  

Status of Billing Issues

We replaced our 30+ year old customer billing and related systems.  It was a massive and complex task.  Some of our customers have experienced issues with improper billing, delayed drafted accounts, or delayed bills.  

We are starting to make progress in reducing the billing issues.  Customers in the second billing cycle who would have normally already received their bill, can expect to receive it within the next several days.  

The new utility billing system will offer many efficiencies.  An automated system enables the billing process through a computerized system.  The current system requires processing by hand, and is therefore considerably slower and less reliable for accuracy.  In 2016, customers will have the ability to get 24/7 access to view account balances, account history, and to make a payment.  The new system will also offer the ability to sign up for Paperless Billing.  

If you were one who has experienced these problems, we understand your frustration and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.  We appreciate the patience and understanding that has been shown by so many of our valued customers.

If you have any questions that require further information, please call the Utility Office at 702-293-9244.