Report a Problem

SeeClickFix (above) is a convenient way to notify the City about property maintenance concerns, whether they be on City property or private property. If this requires an immediate response, please call the Boulder City Police Dispatch non-emergency number: 702.293.9224. 

  • Click New Request
  • Drag the red pin to the location of the problem or type in the address 
  • Click Next
  • Select a category &/or input a title for your report and a description (description is optional, but encouraged) 
  • For optimal results, report each complaint individually
  • Add an appropriate image, if available
  • If you are logged in to your account and wish to maintained a heightened level of anonymity, please select the "Keep it anonymous" box
  • Click the "Report your Issue" button

SeeClickFix Help Center

If it is easier to call or if you have questions, the City has two phone numbers where you can leave a message anytime: 

  • City property concerns: 702.293.9266 (i.e. City buildings, sidewalks, streets, lighting).   
  • Private property maintenance/short-term rental concerns: 702.589.9603 (regarding private property).

Leaving contact information is not mandatory, but if you do, the City will follow up to let you know our progress on your concern. The City is committed to responding promptly to your maintenance concerns.

To monitor an ongoing issue (i.e. power outage) after hours or on weekends, visit our social media platforms: