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Complaint Intake Form

  1. Code Enforcement Request

    The Code Enforcement Request Form will help the City identify a problem in your area. Should a problem require urgent attention (i.e., an abandoned refrigerator), please call the Community Development Department immediately. For a Police emergency, dial 911. Otherwise please call the Code Enforcement Hotline at 702-293-9597.

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  3. Please indicate the nature of your problem by checking the appropriate box(es) below:

  4. Please provide a description of the problem, including where the issue is located on the property (i.e., left side of front yard, in the backyard, etc).

  5. Please provide the location of the alleged violation. If no address is available, please provide instructions on how to find the location

  6. To assist Code Enforcement with the investigation of your complaint, please provide your contact information below.

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