Do you have patches for exchange / sale?
No. The BCFD does not stock patches for exchange any longer. The patches are only approved for use on authorized BCFD uniforms.

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1. Do you have patches for exchange / sale?
2. Do you have Boulder City Fire Department logo items for sale?
3. Do you provide ride-along experiences for private citizens?
4. Will the Fire Department help me if I have locked myself out of my car?
5. If I find a container of some unknown substance (fuel, chemical, etc.) will the Fire Department dispose of it?
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9. Where can I dispose of my household hazardous waste?
10. I'm concerned my elderly mother won't be able to answer the door in the event of an emergency. What can I do?
11. What types of fireworks are legal in Boulder City?
12. Can I set off fireworks at the Eldorado Dry Lake?
13. What do I need to prepare for an emergency or disaster?