Why is my bill so high?
We will review previous usage history. If we agree that the usage appears unusual, we will have the meters read at no charge. If the readings are correct, we can arrange for the city's Energy Conservation Specialist to do an on-site evaluation of your usage. Many times a faulty water softener or air conditioner can be the cause of high bills.

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1. Why is my bill so high?
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3. Can I pay my bill and / or deposit by debit or credit card?
4. What happens if my tenant doesn't pay his final bill when he moves out?
5. How can I tell if I have a water leak?
6. If I have a leak, who pays for the water consumption?
7. How long in advance do I need to let you know when I want my service connected or disconnected?
8. What if I have an emergency situation involving water or electric and the Utility Office is closed?