Business License Complaint Form

Business License Complaint Form

  1. Boulder City Business Licensing has the authority to investigate complaints regarding licensed and unlicensed businesses within the city limits of Boulder City only. This authority generally relates to a determination of whether a business has a Boulder City business license and whether that license is the proper license for the business activities being conducted.

    The Department has no jurisdiction to investigate alleged criminal activities, the general business practices of a business, quality of workmanship, pricing of goods and services, monies owed, hours of business operation, and/or of the availability of a business operator to respond to complaints.

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  5. Name of Business that is the subject of the complaint.  It must be a business located within the city limits of Boulder City, Nevada.  Our office has no jurisdiction over businesses located outside the city limits.

  6. Enter the street number if known, and the street name.  If either are unknown, please enter the cross streets.

  7. Enter information regarding your complaint, be sure to include all of the relevant facts, including the “what, when, where and how.” List each event in the order in which it occurred, include the date of occurrence. Indicate any actions that you have taken to resolve the issue.

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