Fire Plans Review / Inspections / Permits

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Boulder City Fire Department 702-293-9228 or

Monday through Thursday 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Fire Plans Submittal Requirements & Process

All plans submitted for permitting must adhere to the current 2012 International Fire Code and the Southern Nevada Amendments to the 2012 International Fire Code. Plans submittals require:

  • 3 copies of a completed application
  • A minimum of 3 copies of the plan in accordance with the guidelines (faxed or emailed submittals will not be accepted)
  • Product data, index sheet listing products used by make and model number, manufacturer data sheets
  • Information for all equipment, devices, material, wire and cable (2 copies)
  • Legend / bill of material or device count
  • Flow test paperwork
  • Hydraulic calculations (must be shown on plans or provide 3 copies)
  • NICET Level and name
    • Piping Plans - Pipe size, site plan, hazard classification, construction type, sprinkler head / riser / valve configuration and information
    • This list is not intended to be all inclusive of every detail. It is provided to give an overview of the basic plan contents needed for the review
  • Appropriate fee paid by check or credit card.

Fire Plans Review & Approval Process

  • You must submit your plans with your application to the Boulder City Fire Department.  Only complete sets of plans will be accepted.
  • Plans are forwarded to our contracted fire reviewer.  A review of your plans can take up to 1 to 2 weeks depending on the contracted examiner's schedule.
  • Swap-outs will not be accepted once the plans have been given to the contracted fire reviewer. The Fire Department will not be responsible for replacing individual plan / specification pages. Once the plans have been given to the reviewer, the plans review must be completed (revisions to a plan cannot be accepted while a current plan is undergoing review).
  • After the plans are approved by our contracted fire reviewer and the Fire Chief, the customer will be notified and must pick up their plans, permit and pay any outstanding fees before inspections can be scheduled.
  • If the plans are not approved, the customer will be notified and anew set of revised plans will need to be submitted. A Asbuilt, Revision, Re-Inspection Plans Review application and depending on the reviewer's notations, an additional fee will be imposed.  See Fire Plans Corrections & Revisions and Secondary Fee Schedule for Asbuilts, Re-Inspection, Etc.  
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