Reporting Nuisance Animal Noise

Barking dogs cause a constant problem for citizens and officers alike. Under Boulder City Ordinance 7-3-8 (A), a noisy animal is defined as "any animal which, by loud or frequent habitual barking, yelping, braying, or other noise, causes annoyance to the neighborhood or any person in the vicinity".

Written Warnings

On a 1st or 2nd offense, a written warning is the recommended enforcement action. Your Animal Control Officer will work with the problem animal owner in an attempt to help correct the situation so that further enforcement action is not necessary.

Court Action

However, if a 3rd offense occurs, court action is recommended. As the complainant, you will be asked to keep a "noisy animal log" and to sign either a citation or a Verified Complaint. If a citation is issued or a Verified Complaint approved, the owner will be required to come to court and answer to the charge. You may also be subpoenaed into court as a witness.

Anonymous Complaints

You may choose to lodge an anonymous complaint. Without your help (as a witness), however, it is impossible to take enforcement action. In these cases, the officer simply informs the animal owner that a complaint has been made.

If the animal resides in a private home development such as a mobile home park, apartment complex, or home owners association, you should 1st contact the property managers to discuss the situation.